Yoga is for all.

Yoga is about letting go of the ego driven mind, it is about accepting who we are. Let’s not fear to express it!

Yoga is a vast and continuous practice, a very powerful one. There is a lot to explore beyond the yoga asanas and we honour that. The ancient wisdom and philosophy of yoga is fully part of what we teach,. practiced as a whole, yoga is truly transformative. We start feeling better, healthier, happier. We feel at peace. And from that place, we can grow.

Classes Available
3 to 8 years

Using toys, music, art and imagination Mini Kids Yoga encourages children to explore their internal and external environments. Children will learn traditional yoga poses, mindful movement, meditation and mindful breathing in a way that sparks their creativity and sense of wonder.

12 to 18 years

The Teen years are a time of tremendous growth, both physically and mentally. Generally a lot of stress and per pressure. Teen Yoga teaches pranayama breath, asanas postures and meditation through Vinyasa Flow, fun and conversation. I, Patience, have been memtoring and working  with Adolescents for about 20 years, I have a deep understanding of the challenges they experience and how Yoga can affect their walk through the world.

Family Yoga

Kids love practicing Yoga with their parents, well kids just love being with their parents. Together we will practice meditation, breath work and asanas using fun music, silly rhymes, toys and crafts. In this practice you and your child will learn fun tools to build confidence, manage emotions and strengthen your bodies and minds.

Yoga Flow
Going All Day

In this classes, we focus on developing and cultivating mindfulness through the exploration of conscious breathing, movement and body alignment. You will experience and acquire a greater sense of self awareness, strength, flexibility, balance and focus. Each class is an invitation to contemplate and reflect on a life or yogic philosophy inspired theme. Be aware, there is a high probability for you to walk out with a big smile on your face, feeling revitalised and beyoutifully relaxed!


Be At Peace

Learn the beauty of Meditation

Beginners Yoga
A great class for beginners

A gentle and slower practice, with a focus on mastering the basics and exploring new poses. In this 6-week progressive course, we will go through the key fundamental poses of yoga in detail, working on your alignment and learning how to breathe, providing you with solid foundations to support you on your journey into yoga. Whether you are already an experienced yogi(ni) or have never tried yoga before, this program will bring home the fundamental principles of yoga asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing) as well as the underlying yogic philosophy. Plus! It will increase your strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and your ability to concentrate! Express your interest now, places are limited to 12 students only.

Virtual Yoga
Be The Change

To book a live streaming class please send a What’s App to +27837098030

Class etiquette and Tips for creating a yoga space at home:
  • You don’t need much room, I’ll plan the classes so you should only really need your mat space
  • Make sure you have a clear space around you
  • Having a clear space helps to keep the mind (and eyes!) from being distracted
  • If possible, practice in a separate room from family and pets and tell them you’re doing yoga. Ask them politely to not disturb you
  • Limit your distractions as best you can so this includes turning off notifications on your laptop/tablets/phones
  • Put on a nice smelly candle or burn oils, make it your self-care hour. Set your space up as you like to help you relax
  • Dress in warm comfortable clothes to move in
  • Bring: a yoga mat, or beach towel, no trainers, socks to keep you warm and a nice warm blanket (for savasana, a small sleep after practice), yourself and your smile!
  • All microphones will be muted when we start so we can hear me!
  • Class will start at 5 past the hour, give yourself time to settle.
  • Have a blanket and/or pillow nearby for your final relaxation
See you on the mat!
Yoga One On One
Yoga is for everyone

Everyone can (and should) do (or at least try) yoga regardless of shape, age, size or bendiness! Whether you are new to yoga, already an experienced practitioner or working with a specific health issue, you will greatly benefit from a yoga session one on one. In private tuitions, yoga is tailored to your unique you, while you can enjoy a quieter, more intimate yoga experience and ask any questions along the way.

  • Let meals or snacks digest before coming to class. After a meal, give yourself 2 hours before practicing yoga. After a snack, give yourself 1 hour.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that let you move freely.
  • Bring your own yoga mat.
  • Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early
Once you arrive
  • Take off your shoes and socks before walking in the practice space.
  • Turn your cell phone off.
  • Communicate.
  • Enter and settle down quietly.
During class
  • Take Child Pose at any time.
  • Follow your teacher’s cues.
  • Be punctual.
  • Stay for the whole class.